Here at Kushbudar we take great care in the raising of our puppies.  Whelped at home and living as part of the family, our puppies are handled, socialised and subjected to a host of daily activities such as the TV, the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner.  We also take them out and about our local village in the puppy stroller to familiarise them with external sounds and smells, all which help to develop their confidence before they leave us for their new homes. 

Litters are carefully planned, and pedigree's researched to ensure compatibility.  If a suitable dog or bitch is not available, we will not breed.  

Our litter plans for 2015 were put on hold whilst we participated in the race events.  With invitations forthcoming from the various organisations and clubs we felt we should support these events, with the hope these early beginnings can be built upon for the future. Disappointingly our plans for 2016 did not prove fruitful. AI is always a challenge (see our Puppy Plans page)

Not to be defeated, we have considered our litter plans for 2017 and if interested to find out more please contact us via our submission form on the Contact page.

Below are some of our earlier puppies:

                 Stars & Moon Litter Born 22/12/2017                         (ISWS Ch Kumbaya Moon Tide Effect x Kusbudar                                            Countess Caithleen)

More to follow soon......


Riverdance Litter Born 24/01/2014

(ISWS & UKC Ch. Allagante Winsome Riveria x Endevor Flashdance)

Eight charming puppies - 4 of each sex.  Martin & I are delighted with the achievements they have made since leaving us (or not), and with their wonderful temperaments have become great ambassadors for the breed in the UK.  Catch up with some of these achievements on the following pages: News & Travels; Racing and Show Results

The family reunite at the 2014 UKSWC Kent Specialty Show

The family reunite at the 2014 UKSWC Kent Specialty Show

Just A Litter Born 02/07/2015

(Morgandell Tioga x Endevor Veleta)

Tioga was imported between Kushbudar, Pengybrook & Endevor.  Through his mix of valuable bloodlines he brings genetic diversity. This is Tioga's first litter and we were all very excited to see the outcome.  We have not been disappointed and we are all very proud of the five beautiful babies he and Grace (Endevor Veleta) have produced.   Whelped at Pengybrook, we look forward to their futures with interest.  Some pictures below but for more head to the Pengybrook website!