The UK Silken Windhound ClubThe UK Silken Windhound Club for all UK enthusiasts.  Visit this site for information of events in the UK

The International Silken Windhound Society: The founding body, based in the USA detailing the breed history, the standard and a pedigree database 

Friends of Silken WindhoundsA Club for Southern Germany and neighbouring countries

Pengybrook Silken Windhounds.  A small kennel, where the first litter from Morgandell Tioga were whelped

Endevor Silken Windhounds.  The home of Kristull Barndance of Endevor, the first American import to the UK and sire to my wonderful Taku & Alize.

WyndCharm Silken Windhounds.    A small breeding kennel in south Wales

Tycarreg Pointers & Silken Windhound. Experienced show and breeding kennel having moved into SW recently

Variare Dogs.  A kennel with substantial background of breeding, showing and judging.  Owner of one my puppies. Has kindly supported past UK club events in capacity of official photographer.

Morgandell Silken Windhounds. Breeders of Morgandell Tioga, located in the States

Allangante Kennels : Breeders of Champion Silkens, located in the States

Winsome Kennels: Breeders of Champion Silkens, located in the States

Yonderhill Photographic :  Photographs and video clips compiled in a creative format

Kristull Silken Windhounds : Founding Kennel of the Silken Windhound

Wyndolyn Silken Windhounds

Silkenjoy Silken Windhounds:  Small breeding kennel in Germany

Tinu Silken Windhounds:  Located in Germany

Silkeneyecatcher:  A young, small kennel in Germany


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